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rotected Area Range: Al Hoceima National Park

Size: 31,000 HA 

Population: 14,800

Biological Importance:

- Semi-arid to arid mediterranean bioclimatic zone covered by a matorral of Berber thuya Tetraclinis aticulata and alfa Stipa tenacissima

- Although status of mammals, reptiles and amphibians is not known, birdlife is varied and of utmost importance: two of the most endangered mediterranean fauna, the osprey Pandion haliaetus and the Audoinís gull Larus audouinii, nest in the park

- Peregrine falcon Falco pergrinus brookei, imperial eagle Aquila heliaca, Bonelliís eagle Hiraetus fasciatus and red-billed chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax are also found there

- Marine life of international importance:  monk seal Monachus monachus, and several species of dolphin and sea turtles frequent these waters

- Major fish breeding grounds, including the grouper Epinephelus guaza, a rare species 

Main Threats:

- Intensive fishing may deplete breeding stock

-  Illegal techniques (e.g., dynamite, trawl nets near coast) disturb breeding grounds of fish and birds

- Uncontrolled tourism,  urbanization and growing pollution threaten the coast

- Erosion due to rock and sand extraction at several sites

- Unsustainable collection rates of natural resources

- Overgrazing


- 4,000 ha hunting grounds in the proposed park